Insurance is largely about managing risk. And there is no innovation without risk-taking. So, it’s curious that an innovative mindset is not the current reputation of the insurance industry. 

At Guidewire, we believe that innovation in insurance is not easily understood or apparent and hope to change that. Welcome to a brand-new digital magazine that covers business, people, and technology innovating and transforming the P&C insurance industry. Welcome to The Wire.


Our Business Perspective

P&C insurers face growth and productivity challenges coming out of the pandemic. Capital infusion is challenging the traditional approach to the entire value chain and rapidly evolving customer expectations indicate that owning the customer relationship is top of mind. Our business perspective covers trends changing the insurance landscape such as social inflation, protection gaps, risk modeling, cyber, climate change and more.

Our Technology Perspective

Technology remains a means to an end. Insurtech has absorbed waves of digital transformation before, and today’s cloud-led models promise higher productivity and superior digital experiences. Private investors have noticed and sped up investment. Incumbents are learning to play with new ecosystems and navigate build, buy, and upgrade decisions. Our technology perspective explores how shifts in cloud, automation and analytics promise to deliver productivity through innovation.

Our People Perspective

A top tier insurance executive once said – “Careers in insurance are often unintentional, the industry seems to find you.” Not only has COVID forced us to reimagine our workplace, but it has also accelerated issues of diversity, culture, and talent. How does an industry innovate when the norm seems to be industry seeking talent vs talent seeking insurance?

The people of P&C insurance understand the long game that rests on deep relationships. We might also then bear the responsibility to attract the next generation of leaders and innovators that will evolve the long game of risk management.

Welcome to The Wire, the voice of insurance innovation.